Memoirs of Students Dealing With The Freeze of 2021

Students Explain How They Survived the Deep Freeze That Set Over Corpus Christi.

Memoirs of Students Dealing With The Freeze of 2021

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There is no doubt COVID 19 is the dominant news that continues to control West Oso High School.  It did however, take a back seat to the recent freeze of 2021 that halted a school, city, and state for a week.  Students tell their stories of how they stayed warm, how they spent their time, and much, much, more in the below memoirs.

Student Memoirs:

The night it first started, I charged my phone and laptop to one hundred percent and kept them both on their chargers until the power went out the next day. Once this happened, I  tried to stay off my phone for most of the day and I avoided doing so by sleeping. Later on that night I decided to use my phone since I was bored and planned on using my laptop to charge it. Later that night we packed our car and went to stay at my stepdads boss’s house. They had power and water so we were good for the night.

The next day the pipes at their house busted so no one was able to shower. Then the water boil happened and they used pots filled with left over bath water to flush the toilets. On the other hand they still had power so I was able to reach out to my friends. One of them offered for me to go to their house after I told them I hadn’t showered in 3 days. So my mom dropped me off after she went to get more gas. When I got to my friends house I was able to shower and I brushed my teeth with bottled water. I spent the night there and my mom picked me up the next day. After that we had to pick up food and go by the laundromat to wash and dry our clothes. I slept and the next day our water and electricity were restored at home. 

-Abigail Alvarez

I survived the freeze of 2021 by staying under layers of blankets for the majority of my days. My house has a lot of cracks, especially in mine and in my mom’s room, so I took my mattress to the living room and me and my mom slept there. Our kitchen window is broken, so we had to cover it up, but the cold air still came through and we didn’t have a heater so we went to buy one. Although, heaters were swiped from every store we went to. Luckily for us, a friend of ours gave us one of theirs to use. It was small, but it was still effective. 

Not only was it so cold that we had to huddle up in the living room, our water pipes busted. We went to every store to find the prices to fix it, but a lot of people and plumbers were buying them all. Luckily, again, some of our friends came over to help us out to fix our pipes. Even though we fixed them, the news came out that we had to boil our water for any usage. So that’s what we did until the news said it was ok. 

It was a tough week, because people went crazy, buying out all types of food and water cases. Luckily, like always, we already had a few cases before the week. So we managed the way we could to stay warm, clean, hydrated, and fed. We were very lucky to have kept our power because it would’ve been very much harder for us.

-Maria Castillo

      The freeze came fast and I didn’t expect Texas to lose power and water. We are not used to the cold weather and losing power didn’t help. On Sunday night our lights kept flickering on and off until late at night it turned off. It was off the whole week and I didn’t have power until Friday. My mother had to make heaters in order for all of us to stay warm in the house. On either Wednesday or Thursday the water started leaking from the restroom. Even though we called the city we are still waiting for them to fix the water. Now we have to go to our grandma’s house to take a shower and use the restroom.

-Gaby Barrera

At the very beginning of the freeze we still had power and water and I thought that we would lose power because of the lights flickering on and off frequently so I put all the electronics on charge like my phone and power banking after that I went to sleep. When I woke up I could immediately tell that the power was out and that it was very cold in the house, It got so cold that we had to pack everything we would need and then get all the stuff from the fridge so they wouldn’t go bad. We had to leave to a close relatives house who still had power and water and had room to fit my large family. I am thankful that we had someone to turn to in times of need and that things didn’t turn to the worst I am also praying that everyone who has been affected has hopefully been able to recover from this unexpected tragedy

-Pablo Barron

When I first lost my power I was really annoyed because I didn’t charge my phone and I wanted to watch some of the NBA games,but mainly the Wizards vs The Rockets. My friends all had power and at that point my main goal was to find someone to take me to my friends house despite the ice on the road. After about 3 hours of using the last of my battery on my phone I eventually asked my family if anyone could take me over to my friends, after no one saying yes my family got frustrated with no power and got a hotel room. I mentioned to them that if they were gonna drive to this hotel they could just take me over to my friends, they agreed, so i called my friend to see if it was okay if i stayed over until my power came on. His mother insisted I stay over at their house and I rushed over finally being able to cook or even just shower, I was thankful I was in good hands and wouldn’t get frozen alive in my own home.

Gerrell Portlock

For me and my family our power went out after the first day of the storm then continued to stay off for 3 more days. We had to charge our phones in my trucks at night due to no electricity. One of our pipes also busted leaving us without water for 2 days. It was a stressful week for me and my family found ways around everything. We mainly ate out because of the fridge not being powered and boiled water to shower or brush our teeth. We doubled up on candles, flashlights, water bottles, and blankets as well. Me and sister made the most out of the week of no school though; we got to enjoy sleeping and just relaxing.

-Cassandra Ruiz

Many of us weren’t prepared for how much damage the freeze over would affect us, including my own family. Not only had we lost our power but our water too. We went 4 and half days with no warmth and are still currently without running water due to broken pipes. In the four days without power, my family really struggled. All six of us had to huddle up together in the living room to try and get as warm as possible by staying as close as possible and a lot of blankets. Every other hour we’d turn on our stove to help warm us up but because it’s gas we couldn’t have it on for too long.

We put a lot of candles around our house to provide some light and carried flashlights with us when we’d leave the living room. Since we didn’t have any running water, my parents bought cases of water bottles, and gallons of water to cook, clean, and hygiene stuff. We went to my grandparent’s house for showers and to refill jugs also. It was one of the toughest things I’ve gone through but thanks to my mom she made sure we’d all be okay. Although we’re currently still without water because of busted pipes, we have full electricity now and things are looking up.

Mikayla Santos Villalta

What I did to stay warm during the freeze was stay in bed with my dogs and keep them warm as well. Most of the time they took most of the overs but that’s okay! I built a fort with my younger brother to help pass time since we didn’t have much to do and it came out pretty good. We also made hot cocoa to stay warm because it felt like the heater wasn’t working because of how cold it was. 

Other than that there was nothing much to do so we just watched movies and waited for the snow that never came. 

-Jennifer Espinoza