Teacher of the Month : Ashley Humada

Abigail Gonzalez, Writer

Teacher for the month of March goes to Ms. Ashley Humada.

Humada has been teaching at the school for 8 years. She helps around the school with substituting for other teachers but she mainly helps in the mathematics department.

“The best parts of my day are in the morning when I first get to campus, when the class goes well and we can laugh here and there while still getting work done, the passing periods, and lunch. It has been a struggle with ups and downs for sure. I try to listen to music that helps me focus and relieve some stress or by reading daily devotionals. Humor also helps.” said Humada. 

Humada stated “I have to give credit to GOD and my department because they are very effective, organized, and we have worked well with one another for quite some time now. It feels pretty great.

Humada love the versatility of her job.  She gets to work with students that have different stages of needs,

“Yes, I do enjoy teaching here because I am able to work with different students and at their different levels of need. I also enjoy getting to know the students and how they learn.” stated Humada.