Anatomy of Gray : One Act Play


Abigail Gonzalez, Writer

At West Oso High School, a one act play will be held to display by Director Ms. Katrina Alejandro.

Alejandro stated, “It’s kind of a long process in choosing a play but Ms. Babcock helped us choose this play and this is my first year doing a full production, but due to competitions, I had to take a 2 hour play and cut it down to 40 minutes.”

  The play is about a doctor who arrives at this religious town who doesn’t know what a doctor is and then there’s a girl who falls in love with the doctor but it so happens that at the same time the doctor came to town, so did a virus. The people in the town think the virus was brought by the doctor but really it’s something throughout the town’s water.

What Alejandro looks for in an actor or actress is commitment.

Alejandro says, “This year with COVID it’s been a bit difficult for everyone at practices. Another thing is how fertile you can be. Me, as a director, don’t typically do what directors do. For example, if I had an actor that was a senior, who acted for me for 3 years, and didn’t audition for the role of the mother but had the potential to be that character. That’s what I look at.”

One Act Play had a fundraiser for expenses for the play as well. “It takes a lot to know your students and what they’re capable of along with your audition”, stated Alejandro.