Meet Our Editor in Chief

Abigail Alvarez, Author

My name is Abigail Alvarez and I’m the news editor for BNN. Now you may be curious as to what BNN is. BNN is an acronym for Bear Nation News, which is the name of our school newspaper for West Oso high school.

  We cover a lot of different topics in our articles that are updated weekly and sometimes daily, but this wouldn’t be possible without all of the students who are a part of the BNN staff.

 In particular, our editor-in-chief, Alaejah Reed. Not only is Alaejah our editor-in-chief, but she’s the first one ever in BNN history! She’s currently a sophomore at our high school and is involved in many other sports and extracurriculars including basketball, track and field, volleyball, and many others. 

Besides being our editor-in-chief, Alaejah is also class council secretary and a member of the gifted and talented organization. Not to mention that she is also a straight-A student while taking college classes at the same time. 

I think my main motivation is knowing that someday in the future I will look back and realize that all the hard work I put myself through will have paid off, and ultimately made me a better person.

said Reed.