Coach Chandler Davis- Teacher of the Month


Coach Chandler Davis has been named Teacher of the Month for January. Coach Davis also coaches and is the Social Studies Department Head.

Visanne Galvan, Editor

The teacher of the month for January is Coach Chandler Davis.

Coach Davis stays active in a lot of roles at West Oso High School.  He is the assistant coach for the Lady Bears varsity basketball team and  U.S. history teacher.  Davis also serves as the social studies department head.

“I was surprised and honored it feels good when you get recognized for your hard work” stated Davis.

Davis has been on his “A” game despite the hard times everyone is going through.

“It’s been a difficult year. Sometimes life throws a hurdle your way and at times like this is where you take that leap and work harder” said Davis.

Life keeps me humble you know there’s up and downs it’s about the journey, not the destination just keep working and grinding.

Stated Davis

Being humble plays a big factor with Davis. Being humble enough to know your not better than anyone else but wise enough to know you different  is a lesson its self .