Students Speak Out on Elections, Riots, Political Parties and President Dividing a Nation

Read What Oso Students Have to Say About Racism and the Storming of DC

Guns are drawn to protect politicians from rioter trying to disrupt the counting of electoral votes. Immage from

Guns are drawn to protect politicians from rioter trying to disrupt the counting of electoral votes. Immage from

The following columns were written by West Oso High School students voicing their opinions on the current state of our country and politics.  These are individual opinions  and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Bear Nation News.

I Blame Trump!

By Jennifer Espinoza

I blame Trump for the mob being able to get into the capital because if he truly cared he would’ve had security everywhere. I’m talking about top notch Swat teams. The Police Department can only do so much to protect the entrance of the Capital and the fact that they only had one cop at one of the entrances and it was a male African American basically being harassed by a group of angry rednecks says a lot. If the cop we’re to have put hands or pulled out any other weapon besides the stick he had on anyone from that mob, that Officer would’ve been all over the news and possibly even charged or arrested for just trying to do his job.

 The white people are mad they didn’t get their way which caused this big mess and not only that, only 13 people were arrested for “breaking into” the Capital, when there were more than 1400 people even present, damaging the Capital. When there was BLM protests and movements going on, African Americans were getting arrested and shot for no reason. Now all of a sudden people with the same race as Trump breaks into the Capital damaging, stealing and doing many other things, with no consequences? Truly makes no sense and it’s beyond unfair. It’s crazy to me how only 13 people were arrested when there were obviously people from all over the world causing this mess. Not only the mess they caused, but the amount of cases of COVID that are rising is insane, how selfish can some people be.

If Trump knew the power he held with being “President” or knowing how to be the bigger person none of this would have happened to the extent of people climbing walls and killing others just to break into the Capital, yesterday this whole riot thing ended with 4 deaths. In my opinion a person like Trump doesn’t even deserve to  be in office, I mean come on now, he got his twitter account taken away; how silly is that. I’ve never heard of a president getting their twitter account taken away because of the nonsense they say on the app. Goes to show what type of President the Rednecks want in office, a childish one but I mean, it explains it with the actions they did to the Capital of their NATION. 

Trump’s fault for not having the top notch security systems aware and ready to defend, knowing he caused this mess as well as it being planned for two months. Two months is more than enough time to protect the Capital as well as everything in the building including accomplishments, pictures, etc. 


Trump Tweets Are Where It All Began but Suspected Fraud Is The Cause

By Maria Castillo

“Big protest in D.C. on January 6th. Be there, will be wild!” Tweeted Donald Trump. And that’s where it began.

Trump supporters showed up to hear about how they were going to protest outside the Capitol. Initially, the protest was going to be civil, but the protest quickly transformed into a storm and protesters became a mob. And it’s Trump’s fault. Trump had full control of his mob, and gave them information that has not yet been proven. With this information, the supporters turned violent as they found out how strong they were together and how they could storm the Capitol. So quickly, their protesting ended, and they began to storm.  

Donald Trump gave his supporters a speech before they went to “protest” at the Capitol, and it fueled his supporters with ideas that were motivating and as all news articles are saying “inciting”.   That is nothing but the truth, but what nobody seems to look into is the brief indication that there was voting fraud. That is what the mob was trying to achieve, to find the evidence and to bring it to sight. And in my opinion, they were not entirely wrong, but they were not close to doing things the right way. I say this because they cost 5 lives of people because Trump supporters were believing Trump that there has been voting fraud, and they decided to take his word for it, and disapprove. Trump caused this whole mob and it was his fault that they stormed the Capitol.   It wouldn’t have been done if there was no voting fraud. 

Although Trump did cause this storm, there is a deeper cause. As is said, Trump supporters were trying to prove voters fraud. And there’s nowhere else to find it than in Pelosi’s office. They reached her office and stole her computer and on her computer contained the evidence that Trump was talking about and needed. This evidence proves that there was voting fraud and with that, there are deep consequences. If there had not been voting fraud to begin with, then there would have been no mob. So in this scenario, it is everyone’s fault who was involved in this voting fraud, not just Trump’s fault. 

The transfer of power is supposed to be smooth, but this year there is no telling what is going to happen. The American Democracy has been made a mockery of and has been degraded and disrespected. Trump fans were made aware of this, and weren’t going to accept it and let it go. It was only Trump’s fault that the mob stormed the Capitol building because he brought the voting fraud up, but it is mostly the people who were involved in the voting fraud who have the utmost fault. So Trump does not have all the blame in the world, but he did have control of his mob. But why would he stop them if they were so close to getting that information for him? 

The media played a huge role in this whole scene, completely shaming Trump for his actions. And so did I, at the time because the media is a very strong, but limited resource. So as I paid attention and heard of what they actually found, it is a wide range of peoples fault for this mob storming the Capitol. Trump only has the most blame because they were his supporters and were following through with what he was telling them. People should really look into the background and facts of this mob. And then they’d understand.


I Am Disturbed!

By Mercedes De La Garza

I am disturbed by this treatment of Americans. I think it is ridiculous that people really take the time out of their day to do such a thing that can put people in danger including themselves.

This also includes favoritism to white people. If a group of African-Americans showed up with just a poster shouting for freedom they would have been endangered by policemen. It’s sad to say that no one has faced consequences due to this crisis. The world is falling apart such as the government and also the citizens, people need to face consequences when they do stuff that is so out-of person. Many people have no feelings towards everyone and just care for themselves which is sad. I believe that is the mental illness people are facing. What they did today isn’t going to change anything for trump, he lost fairly.

Both presidents are not good for our country but the best one has to be Biden and no one understands how bad of a person Trump is and it is also sad to say that most of the people didn’t go for Trump, they went to fit in and make the crowd bigger. I believe people like this deserve restraining orders. Imagine going after a president, what else are these crazy people capable of doing. Everything is so unfair too, they all looked like wild animals ready to attack and didn’t get any discipline but if an innocent black person yelled and begged for freedom they would be thrown to the floor. Racism has to stop.

Everyone needs to stop normalizing bad behavior just to get what they want, especially when it is quite impossible. This showed how bad of a president Trump would be if he has people who are rooting for him to act like this. Everyone needs to get over the fact that our president is Biden whether we like it or not, we have to get through the first 4 years with him just like we did with Trump. This doesn’t mean everyone has to get out of control and start acting like crazy people. We need to normalize having respect towards our government, because at the end of the day we can not overpower them. Yes, we need to continue shouting out for justice for all the lives we have lost due to police brutality, but harming is not the way to get what we want. We clearly see the racism and favoritism from many individuals and it is way far more than disgusting, people like that need serious help.

We need to protect everyone who has nothing but good intentions towards everyone, everyone needs to just live every day to their fullest potential and people need to stop going crazy over a president who already lost, it just makes people look voiceless. 


Of Course This Riot Was Caused by Racism

By Pablo Barron

Throughout the whole election process we see Donald Trump really dividing the country into Republicans and Democrats.  Some would even say that it was like the Black Lives Matter movement against Trump’s followers who are mainly known for being racists. Thee are  people who will do whatever to try and force Trump into office. With Joseph Biden winning the election Trump has been pushed against the wall trying his best to keep his power but we all know the truth. Trump is a businessman not a politician.

As we have seen in the storming of the white house the Trump followers follow Trump’s egotistical ways.  He is trying to blame everyone and everything to try and manipulate the system and win the election. He actually caused the raid by motivating his followers to take a patriotic stand to help show that he is still going to be in office.  When all the rioting was happening he just hid like he always does and doesn’t do anything to help bring anyone together.   Instead of saying hey we are taking things too far we need to stop he just basically said we need peace so stop.   The riots and what you all just did showed how patriotic you all are. 

On the topic of whether this riot was racist well yes of course, Trump’s followers are primarily Caucasian people  and they have been known to be carrying confederate flags and being anti- Black Lives Matter. This riot shows how racist not only Trump supporters are but how America is. How can hundreds of people storm the capital with little to no casualties and it was basically terrorism.   Yet when there is a BLM peaceful movement people are being attacked and pepper sprayed and killed? So this shows that America, Trump’s supporters, the police, and probably Trump himself. are all racist. 

Overall America needs to change because right now the country is divided and it seems that everyday that gap gets wider and wider. With the election of Joe Biden as president we will see the end of a tyranny and bring someone in who will try to fix how broken our country truly is. As an american I continue to see the social injustices everyday on social media and yet there is no change.  Trump hasn’t done anything for change because he knows that if he even tries all of his followers, who most of them are racist,  will probably stop supporting him.

If the Capital “Protestors” Had Been Black

By Jazmine Mendoza

On Wednesday, members of Congress were meeting to carry out their duties to certify the election results and confirm Joe Biden’s victory. It was during then, a mass amount of President Trump supporters who refused to accept the outcome of the election stormed the Capital of the United States. There is no doubt in my mind that if Black Lives Matter protesters had attempted to enter the Capitol instead of the predominantly White pro-Trump crowd, the outcome of this alleged “protest” would have been incomparable and far more tragic.

Last summer, I watched protestors in support of the Black Lives Movement gather as one to bring justice to racism and the continuation of years of oppression in America. Specifically regarding the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor. During which, they faced a massive show of force by police with National Guard troops patrolling the streets, tear gas filling the air, rubber bullets, and mass arrests. In fact, the district’s police made 316 arrests on June 1, when protesters and rioters filled city streets a week after the death of George Floyd compared to the 61 “unrest-related” arrests made this past Wednesday. Correspondingly, 56 officers were said to have been injured while responding to the insurrection on Wednesday while only 21 officers were injured over a 10 day period back in June. Fewer arrests, more officer injuries, yet nobody was stopped. Make it make sense.

I am utterly disappointed by what little resistance law enforcement provided when it came to a group of predominantly white people entering a federal building. Black Lives Matter was a movement in which people of color protested for basic human rights, while the riots that occurred at the capital were brought upon by angered Trump supporters who couldn’t fathom the results of this year’s election. How is it that when black people protest for racial inequality, systematic racism, and black lives altogether, they get greeted with full national guards and police carrying anti-riot weapons? Yet. Yet, when a group of Trump supporters storm the capitol building and commit a federal crime there were little to no consequences. My brain can not even begin to imagine a group of black people storming into a government building, taking things, and leaving without any deadly consequences, simply because it would never happen. The individuals that descended on the Capitol were met with light resistance merely because of the color of their skin.

Wednesday was just one of the many reminders we have witnessed of the difference between white rebellion to feigned oppression and Black resistance to actual oppression. This riot was ultimately the epitome of white privilege and I am appalled by the entitlement and racism dismissed.