Catch Oso Basketball to Relieve Christmas Boredom

Visanne Galvan, Author

Now that you have opened all your presents and ate left overs for the past three days while watching the same Christmas movies, its time you come out and watch your lady bears and running bears play basketball.  Have a good time watching the boys and girls doing what they love. Bring your family and friends to enjoy West Oso’s basketball tradition. The following games and times are listed below.

12/22 Lady Bears vs Miller JV/V 5:00/6:30
          Running Bears @ Miller F/JV/V 5:00/6:15/7:30
12/28 Lady Bears @ Robstown JV/V 12:00/1:15
12/29  Running Bears @ Aransas Pass F/JV/V 5:00/6:15/7:30
12/31 Lady Bears @ Rockport JV/V 12:00/1:30
          Running Bears vs Rockport F/JV/V 10:00/11:30/1:00
1/2 Running Bears vs Aransas Pass F/JV/V 12:00/1:15/2:30