One Act Play Needs A 2nd Day to Complete Selections

Visanne Galvan, Author

Now welcoming West Oso high school to the stage. One act auditions were held (Dec 7 -8).

Katrina Alejandro, sponsor, stated that ”this year the auditions and talent within our group is very strong, which lead into a second day of auditions”.

Alejandro has a very strong ambition to led OAP to a successful season.  She feels the talent of the students could lead to big things.

” My expectations are for us to be back to back district champs and advance to the next level. The talent, the drive, commitment, and passion is all here for us to be successful this year”.

Alejandro has big plans and is super excited to get the season started .  The play for this year has been selected and it is a challenging one.

“I’m looking forward to the moment that our team falls passionately in love with this year’s selection- Anatomy of Grey.   This piece is a full length play and is at a higher level than any play West Oso has have ever produced.   I think many of the actors haven’t grasped the full concept and impact of this play, but the moment that we all do it will definitely be a powerful performance,” stated Alejandro.

Lights, camera, action.  West Oso OAP is bringing it all to the table this year