Teachers Give Favorite Christmas Memories

Teachers Give Favorite Christmas Memories

As Christmas is coming up we like to spend time with our family and friends.  Opening up presenst and enjoying each other’s company. We have so many memories from past Christmas’ that we will remember forever.

– From Ms. Rhodes, one of her favorites “is making cookies with her mom, cousins, and her aunt. Especially the Christmas tree shaped cookies and the sugar cookies with sprinkles.”

Ms. Salinas’  favorite memory was, in 2004 when it snowed, “I was at church and as we walked out it started to snow. Later I went to my boyfriends house and we made snow angels.”

– One of Mrs. Tedeschi’s favorite memories was when, “right after I got married in July, I got custody of my two daughters and we actually had our first big family Christmas”.

– From Ms. Fillmore, one of her favorite memories would have to be when ” I was in third grade we were being bad, so when my parents said they weren’t going to get anything. They took all the presents under the tree, so when I woke up. that’s when I had got my first bike. They had brought everything back.”

-When of Ms. Moore’s favorite memory “was when it snowed in Corpus On Christmas”.

Mr. Green’s favorite memory was him and his wife out to Colorado in 91′.

-One of Ms. Harrington’s favorite moment was when her dad had “dressed up as Santa Clause and had purchased toys for five families in severe poverty. On Christmas morning he delivered the toys to each of the five families.”

Mr. Bryant’s favorite memory was when he got a saddle for Christmas. “My dad somehow got the money together to buy us a Bonny Allan saddle.