Salinas Selected December’s Teacher Of The Month

Cassandra Ruiz and Xavier Martinez, Author

Each month at West Oso High School the administration decides to pick one hard working teacher and shout them out for their gratitude. This title is to represent one of the A role models to the teachers and a caring one to the students. This month Ms. Amanda Salinas is the campus catalyst. 

“She is not only sweet, but helpful and extremely smart.  She has one of the most sought out classrooms for students who need a safe haven.  She is a magnet to the most needy, most brilliant and challenging students on our campus,” said Terry Avery, principal.  

Salinas teaches in the Science Department at West Oso High School.   Students are often seen getting help or attending tutorials in her room.

“She is a teacher that is known to be there for all her co-workers. Teachers looking for a marigold specifically when technology support is needed can count on Ms. Salinas. Amanda meets the criteria for this honor in the areas of excellence in the classroom by always providing assistance when needed, supplying endless motivation, exhibits leadership, invokes creativity, encourages imagination, portrays dedication, and always involves communication within her mutual relationships. She is the representation of an ideal teacher. The teachers along with the students can all agree that Ms. Salinas is extremely worthy of the title,” according to Avery.

The West Oso administrators choose a teacher each month.  Salinas fits every criteria regarding the award.

“We are honored to name her Teacher of the Month for December 2020.” continued Avery.

“I was surprised I wasn’t expecting it, It’s been a hard year but am still trying to work as hard as I can but it was a nice surprised because I was feeling down about every so it cheered me up,” said Salinas

” Seniors just push through guys I know this year is challenging for everybody, but you made it this far don’t let this big pandemic get in your way because things will get better.”  stated Salinas

This reward should show everyone how awesome all your teachers are! Don’t let their recognition go unnoticed and never forget to show appreciation towards the teachers you value the most. Each and every one deserves a pat on the back for all they do within their districts and the work they put in towards their students. It is not the simplest of tasks to do all they manage within an 8 hour period but they sure make it look easy. 

“It is the teacher’s mission to stand at the spiritual gateways of his pupil’s mind, serving as a herald of science, a guide through nature, to summon the minds to their work, to place before them the facts to be observed and studied, and to guide them into the right paths to be followed.” – John Milton Gregory. 

Congratulations, Ms. Salinas.