Caller Times Writes About Our Paper


Courtney Sacco, Caller Times

The fingers of Bear Nation News Interim Editor hammer out a story for the West Oso High School’s new online student newspaper. Photo was taken for an article in the Caller Times.


In the beginning…  A new high school student online paper was created.  It was quickly the focus of an article published by The Caller Times.

The Bear Nation News was featured in a story barely a month after its beginning.  Vicky Camarillo, Education Writer, for The Corpus Christi Caller Times dropped in virtually on a journalism class to write a story about the creation of a newspaper at West Oso High School.  The article appeared in the e-Edition on Monday, Dec.7th,

Camarillo reported on a brainstorming session for ideas and assignments for upcoming student produced articles.   The obvious adjustments the staff was having to make due to COVID was the focal point early in the story.  The ideas and the events that took place putting the paper into it’s creation followed.

Journalism students were privileged to the interviews she conducted with first, Coach Scott Smithey, adviser, and then editor, Alaejah Reed, sophomore.  Afterwards students online and face to face got the opportunity to ask questions and essentially interview Camarillo.

Those interested in reading Camarillo’s article can go visit the Caller Times’ website.  Readers can also use the link below to see the story.