WOISD To Open New Administration Facility Soon


Xavier Martinez

West Oso ISD Supt. Conrado Garcia shows off the new board meeting room and building that will be opening in January . The new location will be a lot closer to West Oso High School.

Abigail Gonzales and Staff, Author

West Oso ISD, Home of the Fighting Bears, has a new administration home for the administrative staff.

This new building will have automatic doors that will only open for certain people. It will have a board room and many rooms with adequate space for all the staff.  The building will also have modernized technology power.  The leaders of this project are excited to unveil the district’s newest gem.

“This is one of the greatest accomplishments that has been done since I’ve been here (about the building),”  Superintendent Conrado Garcia said.

This building was planned, visualized, accepted by the school board. Then voted to life by the community.  With the help from the community and the board members, school personnel feel they are getting the building the school district deserves. The speed at which this project moved is impressive and a tribute to the leadership.

“ How fast we moved , you can only do that when you have the support of the board”, stated Garcia.

Why build a new administration building?  The old one was very cramped and small.  The board room was really just an open office area.  The offices were tiny and the entrance way was a tight fit just to enter,  The district had to add portable buildings to accommodate for the lack of space.  Most noticeably, it is old.

“ We will have a board room where the community and students can come down and be a part of the process of education. We will have technology and space, it’s like we can breathe in here. This is where I can get everybody centrally located.  It will be  easier for  them to meet  with me and work together. I’ll have all of the staff here at the building and it would be easy for them to work with each other” Garcia said.

What happens to the old building since the new one will be at a different location?  “ Since the building has been there since 1959, the old building will be used for Special education and Technology,”  according to Garcia.

The district feels like this building will be state of the art for generations.  The huge boardroom with modern amenities sparkles when you enter.  The landscaping and trees that Garcia refers to as a “forest” gives plenty of drive up appeal.  The feeling is that this building will rival that of any in the coastal bend area.  Garcia feels this will go a long way to fight what is sometimes a negative perception of the district.  The $4 million price tag goes a long way to show the commitment that has been made.

“This new building would be good for years and years to come,” Garcia said. “I don’t like it when people talk down on our district. I’ll fight you if you think we are a low standard school.”

He also would like to give a shout out to the students, the community and the board members for all they have done to get the new building they’ll have in the future to come.ci