On and Off Internet Causes Frustration

Three days of sporadic internet disrupts West Oso’s education routine

Abigail Gonzales, Contributor

West Oso High School and West Oso Junior High have over 1,900 students enrolled in  those schools. When COVID-19 happened around the world places and schools shut down. As this Pandemic goes on, school has started up again, but this time it has to be online. Teachers plan every lesson they teach and expectations are  the internet will be used face-to-face as well as teaching virtually. 

WOHS geometry teacher Catherine Harrington says, “ the changes we had to make to our lessons were to post notes and assignments the night before when we are at home.”

Some teachers had to make changes from digital to physically presenting on the white board while virtual learners at home could not participate.  Students were disrupted at home waiting on the word that the internet was or was not working.  They would get started then the internet dropped them again.

“ I had to record my lessons the night before for online students and then present it formerly to my face to face students.  It was frustrating not to be able to see if my students online understood the content” Crystal Ballard, history teacher.

Some problems the teachers are having is that it’s really delaying the teaching schedule.  It’s very time consuming trying to upload the lectures, and with a couple of different classes that does’t work. 

Administrator Debea Castameda Says “ I really don’t know but we can assume that it’s being worked on.” 

Student Sarah Gonzalez, WOJH puts it this way, “it doesn’t help that the wifi is down with all of these assignments we are given. We are given packets to work on and use apps that do not need the internet.”

“I find it very hard to work at school without the internet because that’s where the majority of the assignments we work on are posted,” according to Mika Sanchez, WOHS.