Journalism students look forward to creating the Bear Nation News


Scott Smithey, Adviser

Students of West Oso High School can now present their voice in the newly created student newspaper.  The Bear Nation News will begin publication immediately with journalism class students making the online paper.  The BNN will run continuously at bearnationnews.net with daily additions of news stories, sports, entertainment, editorials, announcements, photos and other types of media.

The public will now be able to view high school experience through student reporting.  This is the first student newspaper WOHS has seen in awhile.  Attempts to find previous papers and the former papers’ name have been unsuccessful.  West Oso ISD has records of student newspapers at West Oso Junior High but not for the high school according to the administration.  The name Bear Nation News was voted on by the new journalism classes and select high school administrators.

” I am excited for our students to begin BNN.  This will allow our students and high school to be featured in a platform that students, parents, and community members can view.   Also, keep up to date with the happenings at West Oso High school.  Go Bears!”  Rhonda Garcia, ECHS Coordinator.

Student writers will cover and present the students’ views on school news, local news, state and national news.   The paper hopes to cover a wide variety of school activities and keep the readers up to date with what is going on.  Teachers and staff are encouraged to send story ideas of events or people they deal with for the paper to cover.  Announcements and upcoming events are welcome as well.   BNN will soon have a twitter account to help spread the West Oso news in the social media.

The paper will be visible while it is under construction these next few weeks.   Journalism class reporters will slowly begin to fill the paper with news, entertainment and information.