West Oso High School To Give Students the Covid Vaccine

Gabriella Barrera , Editor

West Oso High School has been working with Annette Rodriguez to provide students with the Covid-19 vaccine. They have made it eligible for teens who are between the ages of sixteen and eighteen years old to get the vaccine. Students and parents should have already received an email, ninth graders didn’t receive the email, but if they are sixteen they can register to get the vaccine. Any student under eighteen has to get a parents permission. It only takes two easy steps, first a student or parent has to register at www.tinyurl.com/VACCINEHS than Ms. Dana Moore the vice principal will give students a parent release form once they are registered.

 “That the  school is starting to give out the vaccine is beneficial to students whose parents cannot set them up an appointment anywhere else, but they really want to get it to feel safer when coming to school or going out in public,” said Avalyn Flores.

” It’s considerate that the school is providing vaccines for no cost, but it’s something that some parents may oppose,” said Bryan Chavarria.