Raising Awareness and Spirits, TOKC Does A Lot For Cancer Patients


Students help cancer patients by donating time and delivering goods.

Abigail Alvarez, Copy Editor

In todays world, there are many people who suffer from Cancer, but as person you can be there to help them through their journey. There are many organizations who do this out of kindness or as a job, and we have one of those groups here at our own school! This group is known as TOKC, meaning Triumph Over Kid Cancer and they often participate in various volunteer events to help lift the spirits of kid Cancer patients in hospitals. This year, about 25 TOKC members and their group advisor, Ms. Drusilla Lomas, created and donated snack packages to Driscoll Children’s hospital, and MD Anderson Cancer Hospital patients. TOKC officers D’Schon Simmons and Ta’leigha Johnson were two of the many people who helped and participated in this event.

“I enjoyed the Easter Rally giveaway the most from this school year. Our TOKC Chapter got the chance to touch hearts of many and change lives while children are battling their diagnosis of pediatric cancer. Together, we achieved our goal of over 1,000 Easter gifts for the children of Driscoll Children’s Hospital, Texas Children’s Hospital, and two Texas children hospitals.”  said D’Schon Simmons.

“The thing that I enjoyed the most about being involved in TOKC is knowing that I got the chance to be apart of changing the lives of many children. These poor children and their families go through so much and many of them at such a young age. It is so unfair and upsetting so to know that I am helping or able to contribute to make their lives just a little less challenging means so much.”  said TaLeigha Johnson.

What is it like to be an officer of TOKC?   Most feel that it is an honor by contributing and helping out the community!

“While being apart of TOKC I’ve learned a new perspective of life, so many families lifestyles have changed due to the impact that battling cancer has had on their life. I have become more and more appreciative and come to realization of how blessed I am to participate in the impact and not battle cancer itself!” said Simmons.

“Learning about these children and all of the challenges that they experience daily has opened my eyes to how much more grateful we should be for the little things in life. Life is such a precious thing and to get the chance to live it pretty much the way you want and make you own decisions and choices is a blessing. Cancer is a horrible disease that targets poor undeserving people and is extremely life changing.” said Johnson.