Is PROM a bust?

Alaejah Reed, Editor in Chief

With prom approaching quickly students and their dates are scrambling to pick out dresses, rent out limos, and most importantly: buy tickets. Due to COVID-19 senior fundraising was significantly limited, making it difficult to pay for this memorable night.

However, students are having trouble selling the number of tickets required to proceed with planning, many seniors believe that the prices have a  lot to do with this. Individual tickets are $35, and couples tickets are $70. You don’t have to be a math genius to realize that there is no deal here.

Students feel that in order for them to sell tickets there must be some kind of discount or steal for couples, rather than just making it the price of two individual tickets.

We have 13 tickets sold and we need 80, I think we should at least consider making prices a bit more flexible

says a WOHS senior.