Softball’s Senior Calamaco Has Been A Shining Star For Four Years


Visanne Galvan, sports editor

Ever since Hailey Calamaco’s freshmen year at West Oso High School, she has played a big role in the Lady Bears softball program. From being a dominant hitter, to a great pitcher, etc., Calamaco’s talent never went unnoticed.

Calamaco’s softball journey didn’t just start her freshmen year; she had made a name for herself when she was just a kid.

“I have been playing  ever since I was 3 going on 4, so almost thirteen years,” stated Calamaco. “After almost four years I have finally reached my senior night. It was such an amazing opportunity to play with such amazing people and make many moments with them.”

The love Calamaco has for this sport knows no measures.

Just like any other athlete there is always someone they look up to, it just so happens to be one of  Calamaco’s family members that inspires her.

”I guess I would have to say that seeing my cousin play would have to be what inspired me to play,” said Calamaco.

With these hard times everyone is facing due to Covid, athletes have faced so much difficulty due to getting shut down and never knowing when their last game is. Everything in life is a lesson and we are all learning how to adapt to the current situation were in.

“This years experience has prepared me by trying to make it as memorable as possible. The pandemic interfered with our season, so I thought of just making the best of it,” stated Calamaco.

Calamaco will be saying good bye to West Oso’s softball program as her senior year comes to an end, but she does have a few words to say to her team.

“I really enjoyed playing with y’all. We created a lot of funny moments and y’all led me to have fun this season,” said Calamaco.