Welcome Back West Oso ISD

Abigail Gonzalez, Writer

On March 29, 2021, West Oso ISD has now almost one hundred percent of the students back to face to face learning from virtual learning. As this pandemic is very slowly coming to an end, it’s mandatory for students to return to school. Back in the beginning of March, Governor Greg Abbott issued lifting the mask mandate in Texas and increasing the capacity of all businesses and facilities in the state to 100 percent. In this case Oso will not be allowing any students on campus unless they have a mask.

Junior, Emili Carrillo, states “When I was doing school at home I would wake up right when school started and went to the meet and sometimes I’d just stay in bed ‘till school ended. I think it’ll take a while for some of us to get to class, otherwise I understand the rules of the school. Also my First day back was great. I got to see some of my friends. In my opinion about being back at school, I’m kinda happy because I can keep my grades up, but it’s kind of scary to be coming everyday during this pandemic, hopefully everything goes well.”

Senior, Zariah Villela, says “My first day back at school made me happy because I got to see some of my friends and cousins and during lunch I was feeling generous and decided to buy my friends something from the snack bar. My opinion about being back at school is that it honestly sucks because Covid is still a thing and they changed it 6 feet but changed it to 3 feet now and other people can get sick easily and they don’t know that they’re a carrier.”

Junior, Gudberto Nava, expressed “ I had to start waking up super early and dress up, but I also had to change my work schedule, into something more flexible for me and my family. I don’t quite understand why they make the school like a prison, as a teen you should be able to start developing your freedom and wonders, yes some restrictions are fine but the way everything is locked up, no one can go anywhere, no open campus, it gives us more reason for students to leave, to escape and when they do, they fall into a hole that they weren’t prepared for. I think this school should work on that, as a student who’s been to different schools for personal reasons this school is horrible. Now mind you this, I’m not talking about the people I’m talking about what had been set for students as the rules. Trust me some teachers are wonderful and are the best, even the teachers disagree with how the rules are set.”