Update on Front Entryway and How It Works

Abigail Gonzalez, Writer

West Oso ISD is adding a new entryway to the high school. So much progress has been made since the beginning of the building process back in the end of January. 

Now that it’s March, on the 29th, They are now allowing everyone back in school and transitioning from the computer to face to face. This entryway will be for the safety of the Oso students that are now all coming back.

How it would work is that in the mornings, the only entrances to the building will be the two front side peripheral doors and the very front of the school. When entering the school staff would have to take the students temperature then wait to be buzzed in.

 Terry Avery, West Oso High School Principal, recited. ” Its to keep out intruders and for safety. It’s all about safety. With the tragedy at Columbine it kind of raised the consciousness of the nation but in the little cities, new schools are being built that are outside of the school zones.”